10 Jul

An Introduction To Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing? Digital marketing, in the broadest sense, is simply marketing your business, product, or service online. But this is where it can get tricky. Within digital marketing, there are so many options available that you can’t possibly focus on all of them at once and be successful.

First, there are many ways to market for free online if you don’t have a big budget. But this does require a lot of time, and results can be slow in coming if they come at all. Free digital marketing can mean providing content on a blog, or via social media accounts, such as Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

However, it’s becoming more difficult to get results on social media without spending at least some money on advertising. Social media sites have begun limiting the reach that posts get. If you run what’s called a Facebook fan page for your business, it used to be that your post would be seen by most of your fans.

But now you’re lucky if four or five percent of your fans see a post. If you really want them to see it you’ll need to pay money to “boost” the post. Yes, you’ll need to pay in order for people who have already become fans of your page, to see your content! It’s crazy, but it’s true.

There is no paid advertising on LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest as well. According to Forbes, digital marketing ad spend is expected to grow to $120 billion dollars by 2021 in the US alone!

If you’re looking to reach your target audience, digital marketing isn’t just the future, it’s the present. You can begin a digital marketing campaign on a site like Facebook for as little as $5.

One of the great advantages of digital marketing over more traditional avenues is the ability to laser target your customer. If you do your research and understand exactly who your customer is, you can easily reach them with a digital marketing campaign.

Let’s use Facebook as an example. If your customer lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, makes $50,000 or more, is female between the ages of 30 and 54 and is a fitness fanatic, you can run an add on Facebook that targets exactly that group.

Another great aspect of digital marketing is that you can track all the results of your advertising so you know exactly what ads are profitable. And not just which ads, but you can create different targeted groups based on different criteria. So you can improve your profitability but really honing in on the best potential group of customers.

This makes digital marketing extremely cost-effective for small businesses. However, you need to know exactly what you want to accomplish with your marketing. Is it leads that you can follow up with later? Are you going directly for a sale? Are you trying to get potential customers on the telephone?

Each digital marketing campaign will be slightly different based on the answer to those questions.

You also need to know your target market, or potential customer, really well, as discussed above. Without this, you could lose a lot of money. You’re much better off marketing to a smaller potential market of people that would absolutely have an interest in your product or service than going after a more general market.

If you want to run a successful business like John Crestani, you need to include digital marketing as part of your marketing and advertising campaigns.

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